Where to meet?

Brainstorming for friend: what are options for having a weekly Wednesday evening class of 30 (or more) adults? I have so far:

Hotels (paid)
City or county parks (paid - e.g. Eagan has a couple classroom-type spaces affiliated with parks)
Schools (not sure if they're open in the summer)
Medical-type clinics (e.g. I went to a River Valley morning men's group that met at a member's chiropractic office before they opened)
Corporate office (e.g. a bank's boardroom or lobby after hours.)
Furniture store (plenty of seating but it's poorly arranged by default)
Free covered parking ramp; you could "tailgate" there in inclement weather.
Nearby open parking lot; you could "tailgate" there in good weather. (Bugs probably aren't too bad in the wide-open paved area?)
The new Total Wine store in Burnsville has a really nice classroom for wine-tasting classes; if they weren't holding a Wednesday night class, they might offer that to other groups?

Other ideas?


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