A solution to the Adobe Acrobat Error 1500 when updating

Just had a bunch of problems with trying to update Adobe Acrobat in a computer lab; I'd get the error:

Update Failed
Cannot install the update
Please run Adobe Acrobat Repair
Error: 1500

Running the Adobe Acrobat Repair from the Help menu gave me an error that my U: drive couldn't be found... which is what gave me the solution.

Long story short, our computer labs map the My Documents folder to a network drive but my administrative account doesn't have a network drive so its "My Documents" folder is invalid.

The problem is that the Adobe Acrobat update requires a valid My Documents folder.

Right click My Documents on the desktop, choose "Properties," choose "Restore Default" and get a working path to My Documents, adn the update ran fine -- I didn't even have to run the Adobe Acrobat Repair utility.


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