Folding up the blog?

It's been... quite a few years (7? 8?) and I'm pondering whether I should basically "archive" off the Blogger blog here and move to something different like Posterous (which I'm using at the moment for my "random thoughts that don't fit into Twitter" --, if you really want to take a look).

I've also put out a call on Twitter for design advice on in general; it always was an "aggregate of various things and interests" but, at this point, all of those things and interests will fall under a different site (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Posterous, PicasaWeb, YouTube,, etc.) or not at all... right?

Any ideas or suggestions? Drop me a note or leave a comment here... not that it's easy to find the place to comment given how much I've broken the template to get it to conform to the old look-and-feel... but that's a different issue. :)


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