Is asteroid ALH2084 going to hit earth?

According to the Google-translated story (the link to which may or may not work) posted at Science and News - astronomy, Asteroid Alh2804-c, meteor, impact, global killers: "Newest computations show however that the course changed in the letzen months easily and the Asteroiden still more near to the earth will bring. According to estimations of the astronomers of the kit peak Observatory a 98%ige probability exists that the Asteroid collides in August 2006 with the earth."

Okay, not terribly clear, sure... but, basically, there's a rumor that we're all going to be killed by a meteor in August.

Time to brush up on that Bible reading and church attendance, right?

Wrong... that's not what it's about. But, anyway... hey, if it happens, it happens, right? Stay tuned for more information!

(P.S... my money is on the story being way, way bogus.)


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