WHen they said that drinking alcohol in a hot tob was harmful, I figured it was all about body temperature and stuff; guess I was wrong...

The Saint Paul Pioneer Press: "STILLWATER TOWNSHIP: Heated political debate in hot tub hits boiling point
Pioneer Press

Tony Kohout's evening in a hot tub with five women turned political and ended with doctors stitching up his eyelid.
Kohout ran into a group of women at Brine's Restaurant and Bar in Stillwater on May 24. He knew one of the women from high school. They let him join them in a hot tub at a home in Stillwater Township.
For a while it was just the usual story of five high school friends chatting in a hot tub with a guy and some Amstel Light.
'I thought, 'Wow, this is amazing,' ' Kohout said. 'Then it just kind of turned sour.'
Talk turned to politics, and Kohout got in a dispute with Anne M. Robinson, 24, of St. Paul.
Kohout, 25, of Minneapolis, recalls it this way:
Robinson was describing working in a restaurant for about $5.25 an hour and airing concerns about competing with undocumented workers.
He told her, 'That's really not that true.'
They debated President George W. Bush's tax cut. Kohout declared it was only for the rich, and Robinson countered that people earned the money and it belongs to them, he said.
'We were cutting into each other's sentences,' Kohout added. 'We both knew we were making each other angry. It got personal.'
Then Robinson lost her temper, said Elaine Bransford, who was there.
Robinson clocked Kohout in the face with a blue drinking glass, according to the felony complaint summons filed against Robinson in Washington County District Court.
'I remember seeing the glass fall,' Kohout said. 'I looked down and the water turned pink. My eye filled with blood and I couldn't see.'
Bransford drove Kohout to Lakeview Hospital in Stillwater about 4 a.m. Doctors closed his cuts "


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