r o x i o | CD Printing, from Sharpie to High-End Color I worried whether using Sharpies on CD-Rs was a bad idea... and I found out it wasn't:

"Simple, plain, cheap (and potentially ugly if your handwriting is poor), the Sanford Sharpie has long been a staple of the CD labeling scene. Simply write on the matte (non-recording) side, and you'll remember what this particular piece of media contains.

From the earliest days of CD-R, when a piece of blank media could cost $100, people have always been nervous about writing on the surface of the CD. Could it cause problems down the road? What type of marker should be used? Certainly not a pen with a ball point or any kind of hard tip - that could scratch through the lacquer that protects the top surface of the disc, and damage the reflective layer beneath, where your data is actually recorded.

But many of us have used Sanford Sharpie pens for many years without trouble. I have discs which were marked with a Sharpie ten years ago, and they still test with low physical error rates on a Clover QA 101D and CDA 1000 CD Analyzer. "


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