I've got to clean...

This past weekend I was working on some de-duping of old backup files... because I can't throw anything away "just in case" I need it later or in case I want to explore and ponder some part of my history... So the next-best-thing is to reduce the clutter and make sure I'm hoarding just one copy of things.

(As an aside, that can really mess things up if the copy you delete is out of a folder that was a set... but that's the risk you run...)

Anyway, I was thinking that I also need to declutter my office spaces. I'm not an inherently organized "I-love-to-maintain-structure" person, but at some point that turns from a non-strength into a weakness (as Buckingham would put it via Now Discover Your Strengths).

Next steps: continue the scanning project to get the paper notes into convenient digital form, and work on better bookcases in the den.

To consider: better book organization with the help of LibraryThing -- maybe getting as fancy as LC categories or such.

Check back in a year or two to see how it went. :)


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