Apps I don't use, 2019 version

I’m cleaning up my iPhone and getting rid of apps I never use, so I can declutter my life a bit.  Figured I should make a list somewhere, and the world might be interested?
  • iLife suite – GarageBand, iMovie, Numbers, etc.
  • Bible Lens from Life.Church – I think this uses AI to identify photos and slap out-of-context Bible verses onto them?
  • United – I’ll grab it back if I ever fly United again
  • Classic Words – I don’t play Scrabble, even though some friends and family do
  • Docs from Google – I can grab it if I ever need it, right?
  • Skype for Business – We use Zoom here now and this will probably change by the next time I need to use it
  • Clips from Apple – I don’t know what this is so I suspect I can live without it? My phone says I’ve never used it.
  • Six – Game. I’m not big on games.
  • Hue – I don’t own any hue bulbs. Probably grabbed it for something at work.
  • SiriusXM – don’t have a subscription and even if I did I’d listen to Pandora and podcasts instead
  • Daddy – it’s a game (a frustrating one of a box walking on long fragile legs)
  • WebEx Meet – we don’t use WebEx here anymore. (Zoom all the way!)
  • Glympse – unneeded now that I don’t do hot air balloon chases anymore (after my balloonist friend had a heart attack and no longer flies)
  • Blue Jeans – another unnecessary conference app
  • Little Caesars – sure, I like their sausage pizza every once in awhile, but do I really need their app which I apparently never use?
  • Vitality Today – we don’t use Vitality here anymore
  • 5 Minute Journal, the first version – they have a new version (beige icon good, blue icon bad) so I finally deleted this
  • AIRTAME – played with it at a school that used it in their classrooms, but we don’t, so I don’t need it.
  • Spirit Airlines check-in – it doesn’t allow booking or other useful stuff, so I’ll re-grab it if I ever fly Spirit again (which I might; they’re great!)
  • Gas Tracker by Fuelly – I think this is their old version so I should really keep only the new version
  • TruGlyph – I think there’s a cost to this app that I don’t want to accidentally incur, so I’ll get rid of it for now.
That’s enough for one day, right?


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