Bye Bye Ads!

After reading sites like Class Action Law Suit, I realized something: I'd better make sure there weren't any ties between this site and Google, or else Google could ban me for saying bad things about them.

You'd think they couldn't do that, but they really can do anything they want.

So, now we have an interesting ethical situation. Given that I'm not a Communist nation, will Google choose to censor my free speech or not? They can't ban me from AdSense based on what I say about it on this blog, because this blog isn't related to my AdSense account in any way, shape or form. So are they going to ban me anyway, or are they going to try and figure out a way to ban me based on my wife's fully compliant blog... or will they drop the issue entirely?

For what it's worth, their M.O. seems to be a letter stating that a site is banned because of "invalid clicks" -- which is misleading, because it's not that someone is sitting at a computer clicking on a bunch of ads. Their argument is that, since you're not following the TOS, the clicks you received are invalid.

The problem in my current case is that I am following the TOS, so we'll see where it goes.

Anyway, in the past -- in my pro-Google days -- you might have seen ads here as I was testing things out... but no more! My speech won't be stifled! :)


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