More police brutality, this time in Seattle

Stay away from Seattle, Washington. Actually, you can go there... but if a couple big thugs wearing black start chasing after you while people are yelling that you stole something (which you didn't), stop in your tracks and hope that whatever they do to you isn't as bad as what Christopher Harris suffered.

The story (and surveilance video) is available at the Seattle Times. Long story short, he was falsely accused of being a crook, and rather than grabbing and cuffing him the cops decided to teach him a lesson and shove his head into a wall.

And let me explain something: You don't come back from skull fractures that put you into a coma and leave you in critical condition. You might live, but you'll never be "normal" again.

Once again, as I always say here, most cops are good people who are trying to do the right thing. And after a long day of busting bad guys, only to see judges give them a slap on the wrist, you'd probably want to bust a few skulls too. But the whole point of this pesky thing called a "judicial system" is to keep innocent people like Christopher Harris from having their head bashed into a wall for making the mistake of going out in public in the presence of police in Washington State.


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