Engaging Believers

I'm still reeling from a really observant point made by someone at a leadership team meeting of a regional men's ministry. He said "The traditional definition of insanity is doing the same things expecting different results. But I think the opposite is true, too; we plan new outreach and ministries but don't expect a different outcome from what we see now. If the Spirit is moving, we'll see men rise above their nature or psychology."

That's the #1 struggle I have with my Christian life: if I care about the things I profess, why don't I see an intrinsic (not of self, but of Spirit) motivation unstoppably bubbling up inside of me?

The standard response of "in your natural state you'd be [insert bad thing here] and the fact you're not there is thanks to God's power" might be true... Or it might not, and the answer is certainly too easy and "pat" to give any real satisfaction or direction.


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