Witnessing Effectively from "Heaven and Home"

I finally got around to tracking down that clip from the little radio show I heard earlier this month, in the "How to Witness Effectively" series from Dr. James Christensen (http://www.heavenandhomehour.com/)

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Starting at about 7:00 into the recording there's a great take on John 4. Christensen summarizes that we should be "active, going out, looking, and then being moved with compassion and then taking action"

Jesus made contact with the woman at the well
Find a common interest; "preludes" aren't a waste of time
Create or arouse interest
No rushing; don't go too far, too fast
Don't condemn
Don't get diverted from the main issue
Ask about a decision

The point that caught my attention was #5. "Notice that he didn't condemn the woman, even though her sins were great in verse 17 and 18". And this isn't just some spiffy idea from the latest televangelist; this is the pattern that Jesus Himself set out. He wasn't waving picket signs in people's faces; why should we think we ought to?


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