Creation and Destruction

A thought occurred to me this morning and figured I'd pop it in here because 1) it relates to spirituality in some ways and 2) none of my friends will see it because nobody reads this.

I've been participating in an online conference/webinar the past couple days and it's not as engaging as the same series has been in past years. But I've still really enjoyed it. Why? Because I'm working really hard to glean useful information from it. And that's a choice.

Being analytical is good -- it's an important (and, it seems at times, rare) skill. But the danger of "analysis" is that it turns to "criticism" (in the most negative sense of the word) no matter what you do.

I heard somewhere recently: It's harder to create than to destroy.

So, in the spirit of "appreciative inquiry" or keeping an "attitude of positive regard," let's make sure we're using our critical minds to improve the world around us -- and not to simply knock down what we don't like.


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