"God cannot..."?

Sometimes a statement strikes you as unusual enough that you do a mental double-take and have to dig in to figure out what's really going on. So when I encountered "F.B. Meyer Devotional - Our Daily Homily - Devotional for June 11" (http://devotionals.ochristian.com/F.B.-Meyer-Devotional.-Our-Daily-Homily/061... I had to stop and think at this one:

"God cannot deliver us from besetting sin unless we yield ourselves to Him entirely."

I agree that deliverance from "besetting sin" requires that we yield ourselves to God entirely. That's good advice in general. But any time I see the phrase "God cannot" I get worried. "God does not" wouldn't bother me a bit. But, proponent of free will though I am, I'm reluctant to say that something is impossible for God unless it contradicts his very character (e.g. it's not a limitation on God's omnipotence to say that He cannot be evil because, by definition, he isn't).

To say that God is incapable of delivering someone who is only partially yielded to Him seems... Wrong?


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