Documenting Emotional Eating?

I joked the other day that I used to think that “emotional eating” was just a quirky excuse… until I started doing it myself.
For the past year or so I’ve been trying to drop 25 pounds.  I’m not trying to become a fashion plate; I just think my back and knees and other aging body parts would be happier if I hovered around 175# rather than 200#.  Those who knew me a dozen years ago can’t believe I weigh that much – I was once compared to a dart (in entertainingly colorful language, I might add) – but once I gave up MSG and my body started digesting food really well rather than just “adequately,” I put on a lot of extra pounds.
A lot.
Anyway, the “diet idea” I had was a simple one:
No eating after 8:00 p.m.
Simple, easy to follow, should be helpful.  Aim for losing a pound a week, and in six months I’ll be set!  There’s just one problem:
I really like to eat at night.
Last night, after a few emails I shouldn’t have read and a few tasks I should’ve put off until today, I decided I deserved a treat.  So, we mixed up some MSG-free Onion Soup mix into a pint of sour cream and I had some belated-but-beloved New Year’s chips with Onion Soup dip.
And they were really good.  Really, really good.
And, according to the Wii Fit, I actually dropped half a pound in the past 24 hours! Which simply says that weighing yourself on a Wii Fit isn’t going to give you a granular measurement of weight gain from the previous day’s overeating.
So, I figured I could make a rule that whenever I break my “no food after 8” rule, I should blog about it.  That way, I’m motivated to stick to the plan… and the dust old blog gets some extra posts.
Think it’ll work?


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