Everything short is new again

Back when this blog started in... 2002? More than a decade ago?!? ...I used it as the true "web log" of links and passing interests.  Then, the concept of "blogging" transitioned to long-form writing, so that's what I kept here, and my links were tossed out at del.icio.us.

Then, Posterous came along, so I used that for my short, fractured thoughts and slice-of-life captures, and left this as longer writing... which meant that not much got posted here.

But now, Posterous is going away.  Which raised the question... what should I do with all my old Posterous content?

Long story short, I dropped it here.  If you follow the "posterous" label here you'll find all of it.  But, if you scroll through the archives, it'll be mixed in with what's here already.

What's lost are the comments, but there haven't been too many over the years.  Maybe I'll bring all those at once, in a single "update post"?  That's an idea...


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