Tim Storey on how God speaks

From http://www.DoseOfLeadership.com/tim-storey/

...There are different ways that God speaks. One is through the Inner Witness, where you feel like, "Man, I think I want to be a pilot." It's an inner witness. The other way He speaks is through Circumstances. He does things through circumstances; things shift. God closes "a" door to open up The door. So, one is Inner Witness; two is Circumstances; three is through the Word of God, where you can be reading something and it bears Witness with you, and you go, "Wow! Look at what happened! Abraham walked by faith: he went into a land that he knew not of. That's what I'm doing! But here's a way where most people miss it: God speaks through the Multitude of Counselors. It's important to put the right people around you, where you can weigh out your next move. I do it; I've got to do it. I've got so much coming at me at this point in my life that's positive, I need to weigh it out with a few people that really know me, to say, "Tim, you may be biting off more than you can chew; do you really think you can do nine jobs? You already have seven!" Pay attention to all those ways.


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