This morning's insights from a friend...

It's not the church's job to heal people of whatever fractures are in their life.

We don't have to be healed before we can seek communion together.

There's an interesting metaphor of Communion as the "breaking of bread" vs. the prepackaged individualized oyster cracker that the church hands to you perfect and intact until you break it by your own action of crunching it in your mouth.

Blessing marriage vs blessing families.

In coming to Christ you will be asked to change in some ways (by the Holy Spirit, not by pharisaical rules). Why. To better archive the command to "love your neighbor" - that's the "end" of the change you.l be called to.

Is "being confronted with with the definition of marriage" really your gay neighbor's greatest need.

Invite! Extend hospitality.

Book reference for the to-read list: Scot McKnight, Story of God: Sermon on the Mount


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