The reason the world has become less and less interested in your “faith based anything.”

From Momastery:

I'm going to break my own rule to answer this question, which came to me for the fourth time this am:

G: You've been silent about Trump and Kim Davis. Are you going to weigh in?

No. This might sound harsh, so be it-  I'll apologize later.  If you are a person spending any minutes discussing your "faith-based anti-gay marriage" stance while terrified babies are slipping out of their desperate parents' arms and into churning, deep, dark waters never to be seen again . . .  well, you're looking at the reason the world has become less and less interested in your "faith based anything." 

Entering into relief work with the refugees = hard. Complaining about gay people getting married= easy. Stop choosing the easy thing and pretending that "defending God" is your cross to bear. God didn't ask you to defend God. God is bigger than you and doesn't need your protection. But God's CHILDREN DO NEED YOUR PROTECTION. God's children are dying for the hope of safety for their families. Shift your energy to them. Let us all quit acting like we have anything to do with the fact that we were lucky  enough to have been born on third base, while millions are starving outside the stadium. Why are some Christians so obsessed with "saving" people until there are actually people who need saving? I would like to suggest that every Christian choose a faith tenant that requires HER family to change and to act and to sacrifice instead of somebody else's. 

So no- you won't see me discussing gay marriage for the same reason you won't see me discussing the pros and cons of re-instituting separate water fountains for black and white people. Because it would be insane. We're done with that. The battle is won. I'm not going spend my time in museums talking to people hanging on to the bad old days by their fingernails. 

And about Trump? NO. Not my circus- not my monkees. These are serious times and they call for serious people. 

The two most repeated phrases in the Bible are FEAR NOT. REMEMBER. If any of your faith leaders is fear mongering, telling you to build walls instead tearing them down, instead of scaling them to feed hungry people, encouraging any sort of us vs. them mentality…THINK HARD. The Gospel says: Do not be afraid. Re-member. Re-member is the opposite of dis-member. When we shut our doors to our own family: when we are afraid of each other - we are dismembered. The kingdom of God comes when we treat each other like KIN. Like family. When we RE-MEMBER.

Fear not. Remember.


P.S. Guess who else were penniless refugees fleeing a dangerous homeland, trying to find safety and welcome on foreign soil?  Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.


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