Social Marketing... at last!

Last February I met Darin Delaney at a "social media in small business" event sponsored by the BMO Harris bank branch in Burnsville, Minnesota.  At the time, he mentioned the Social Marketing and Networking Meet Up group that he co-leads, and I was all set to go... until I got sidelined by a cold the morning of.  (One of those "Wake up at 8:00 a.m., make a couple calls and emails to cancel appointments, go back to sleep for what you think will be just awhile, wake up again at 3:00 p.m.) kinds of colds; had I not gotten a flu shot, I'd have sworn it was the flu...)

Fast forward to June (June?!?) and I finally made it to one of their monthly events. Today.  (What happened to March, April and May in my world?)

I decided that rather than keeping my notes private, I might as well post them publicly.  It's social, right?

Featured speaker and social marketing specialist Janet Johnson spent nearly two hours filling us in on Facebook ads.  The case-study was Darin's "Affordable Inflatables" website.  Amit Singh participated with lots of interesting affiliate-marketing insights, as did Sam Romain from Dominate with SEO.  There was a wide variety in the audience of a couple dozen, and because I'm terrible with names (Dale Carnegie would be disappointed in me... and if he were still around he would probably tell me that by name!) I remember very few of them.  One that stuck was Stephanie Slaughter, not only because she asked a good question along the way but because the name doesn't seem to match with her field of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.  (Who wants to be poked with needles by someone named Stephanie?  Let me know when you get that joke.)

I'll transcribe the rest of my info. in shortly, but at least now you have the who-does-what info.


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