- Bloggermann - MSNBC.com: "The time of death is a detail of the story. To the Schiavos and the Schindlers it is extraneous -- just like all the other parts of the 'story' you and I... tell and hear. To them, the story is very simple. Terri Schiavo died."

An interesting point, but this journalist misses one other fact: The Schindlers and/or Terri's priest (Frank Pavone) weren't allowed to be in the room at the time of Terri's death. According to a report from the priest, he was asked to leave when staff from the hospice came in for a regular check on Terri's state, and it was then that Terri died. So, whether the detail is important to Terri's family or not, they'll never have the opportunity to know it because Michael Schiavo (nor anyone else in the room, apparently) didn't notice the time.

Details on Terri's last hours can be heard from the April 1st broadcast of Focus on the Family. I'm no James Dobson fan, but that's where Frank Pavone tells his story, so that's where you have to go to hear it. Link to Focus on the Family archives.


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