Yahoo! Search Results for emlarson byron - Here's a very interesting experiment. Remember how I said that "Kari Byron" was a popular search result on this blog? Well, it is... if you use the Yahoo search engine. If you search for that in Google, you get nothing. Fine. What if you search for "emlarson weblog" in Google? You get a bunch of obsolete stats from GoStats, and a single line with a blank description for So, for some reason, Google isn't paying attention to this blog... which is also fine (their perogative, right?) but it explains why the ads have nothing to do with any of my content; they don't know what the content is!

I'm glad I'm doing all this as experiements in technology, rather than as a business that I was trying to live off of! It's one thing to say, "Gee, that's strange"... and quite another to have to say, "Gee, that keeps me from putting bread on the table"!


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