I love Ubuntu!

What on earth is "Ubuntu"? It's a Linux distribution... but you really ought to read a PCWorld.com article to learn why that's of any interest at all. I'm running it on a friend's old eMachines -- one that wouldn't even run Linspire 5.0. It's a 366 MHz Celeron; the only decent thing about it is its 256MB of RAM. Yet it's clipping right along with Ubuntu. Need a spare place to surf the web? Grab an old machine, throw Ubuntu on it... and, yes, I know that "throw Linux on it" is a common phrase, but Ubuntu actually makes it possible!

You'll be hearing more about this!


Brett said…
As I read your post via my Omea RSS reader (if there are better alternatives, let me know... I still need to try Thunderbird), I thought SHOW ME SOME PICS ERIC. Okay, I suppose I can go look for myself... ;-)

Oh, BTW, cell is tomorrow night, right?
Brett said…
Maybe I'll try the liveCD version on my **OLD*** 233MHz...
emlarson said…
Brett -- why on earth would you want pictures of an eMachines? :)

And, yes, cell group is tomorrow night at a location TBD, not that anyone else reading this 'blog really wonders about that.
Brett said…
I just need pictures to *prove* you installed it.

And yes, no one else cares about cell, but at least I'm giving you comments. ;-)

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