More to Las Vegas than golf

I've been thinking about reviving my plans for a trip down to the desert southwest (at some point... probably not during the summer, considering that it's 96 degrees all the way up here!). And as I was pondering that I came across this site: Scenic Airlines - Grand Canyon Tours and Vacations - Grand Canyon & Monument Valley. So we could fly into Las Vegas cheap, and then do this tour, which is pretty pricey but might be a nice way to get everything squeezed into a single day. Hmmm.


Citizen O said…
The best rates aren't always during the most excruciatingly hot months. I once got a $20 room at the Orleans during Christmas week. Their normal rates vary between $60 and $150/night. Travelaxe has a downloadable program that scans the room rates at every Vegas hotel imaginagble, and quotes prices from several different travel web sites.

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