Drew's Unlimited Memory and Limited Warranty

Wow! Way to go, Drew! For a couple years I've had this vague memory of a Twin Cities band rattling around in my head. So I asked a former roommate of mine with the following note:

Back in 1985, possibly 1984, there was a big cheesy local pop group that became at least somewhat popular nationally (don’t know if they ever had a top-40 song, but I think they did). They gave a concert in the Metrodome, sponsored/promoted by WLOL (or maybe KDWB).

Not the Jetts. Not Prince. Not Information Society. :) It had a guy as the lead singer, and I want to say it was four guys in the band.

I also want to say that their big popular song was titled (or had the chorus of) something like “Never Enough”, but I don’t want to throw you a red herring there.

So, I figured you might have a clue what I’m talking about, considering our last musically-related conversation went something like…

ERIC: “You know, there was this local group that was really popular in 1992 or 1993…”
DREW: “Trip Shakespeare?”
ERIC: “YEAH! And then this other group came out that sounded just like them…”
DREW: “Gin Blossoms?”
ERIC: “WOW! Exactly! And they had this popular song…”
DREW: “Hey Jealousy?...”

So, given your track record, any thoughts on my mystery 1985 group?

Within minutes, I had this link: Expired: The Limited Warranty Memorial Page



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