Murtha, Clinton, Somalia, bin Laden, Bush and Iraq

Okay, I'm not pro-war, and I'm not one of those "the liberal media is comspiring against everything that's good and true" kinds of people, but it's kinda interesting that nobody is talking about this story: Will the Mainstream Media Cover the Story of Murtha and Clinton on Somalia? | "Murtha and Clinton on Somalia"

Here's the deal. There was a big splash in the media when John Murtha spoke out and said we should get out of Iraq. Fine. But there should be an equally big splash when you connect the dots and see that Murtha was directly involved (by his own account) in our withdrawal from Somalia, and Osama bin Laden (by his own account) used that withdrawal to motivate his terrorists.

Hello! This tells me that "withdrawal from mid-East conflict" isn't a wise course of action!


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