Heather the opera singer with a Tonight Show popsicle

Ever wonder how long it takes for a motorcycle to melt a popsicle? I have, for years and years. Okay, you're right -- it's never crossed my mind. But Jay Leno thought of it, and pulled Heather Higginbotham out of the audience to guess how long.

Her choices were 19 seconds, 28 seconds, or 37 seconds.

My recommendation? When in doubt, always aim for the middle. She said 19 seconds, and while the popsicle was substantially melted at that point, the sticks weren't dry until 28 seconds.

She saved the day for the audience, giving them Jay's popsicles, by hitting a high note on command.

Why do I post this? Because 1) we know an opera singer and it's a sorta interesting topic for me (though we've never asked her to hit a high note on command), and 2) I'm sure that there are all sorts of people who are going to be search for combinations of Heather, Tonight Show, and Popsicle; I wonder if they'll get here.

If so... Hi!!! :)

And hey, Heather, if you read this, call my podcast listener comment line (for the Ericast.com podcast) at 206-339-ERIC and join my "brush with fame" collection of callers!


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