Matthew Lesko (the "Free Government Money!") guy

Just came across an article about Matthew Lesko (Marked Man - The guy knows his niche -- and does the "get rich quick" sale really well. But my favorite part of the article?
To create his first infomercials, Lesko spent a lot of money hiring
Hollywood professionals. Now, he hires eager young kids who shoot cheap and edit
on laptops. "They're terrific," he says. "They work for dirt and they're excited
and they have good ideas."

Lesko found Fleg, his latest director, by putting an ad on Craigslist.
Fleg answered it and agreed to produce ads for $1,500 apiece. At that price,
Lesko can afford to shoot an ad, then test it on cheap rural cable stations, and
toss it out if it doesn't sell.

It's in the same vein as "crowd-sourcing" work -- the fact that, depending on your standards, a lot of work can be done a lot less expensively than it could be done a dozen (or even a couple) years ago.


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