We don't care what you can prove; you're denied anyway

Here's the text of the message that I just sent through the whitehouse.gov comment form; I think it speaks for itself:
Hello, dedicated staffer or intern! :) Just a quick head's up
that there really are thousands of us out here who are deeply concerned about
the Airyn Bell case; she's the wife of Art Bell who was denied citizenship
because the USCIS seems to have lost (or is choosing to ignore) the paperwork
that the USPS has proven that USCIS received. (USCIS case WAC0900851515;
details at Mr. Bell's website: http://www.coasttocoastam.com/article/art-bell-s-wife-denied-u-s-visa)

Yes, there are much (MUCH!) bigger problems in the world today.
President Obama has "more important" things to focus on. Far bigger
travesties of justice happen every minute. But this case strikes me as
noteworthy; how can we trust a "reformed" government that holds people's lives
in its hands but ignores Constitutional concepts of due process... and whose
employees lie to congressmen when faced with incontrovertible evidence that a
citizen has followed all proper procedures and fulfilled all the legal
requirements asked of him?

The same concept (of "lying in the face of evidence") comes through in my latest podcast. As I say there, there are some things that really get to me, and people who say "I'm going to ignore or deny your proof and falsely insist on something untrue that now negatively reflects on your character..." ...well, that really gets to me. Check out the podcast and let me know what you think.


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