LiveScribe pens and "community notes"?

I've yet to see a LiveScribe pen in action and I don't like the idea of being stuck with specialized paper... but a faculty member mentioned a couple weeks ago that a student had one and took notes with it during the entire semester.

That got me thinking: Can you play back LiveScribe notes as a "movie", with animated writing paired up with the audio recording?

If so... could you tie multiple note-taking movies together (merge them on one screen?) so that you can see what different people were jotting down at the same time?

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emlarson said…
Yes! Yes! For "part 1" of the question, not only can Livescribe record notes and audio as a "movie"... but that can be shared online through their "LiveScribe Community".

Here's an example:

(Hope that long link doesn't break.)
stephy said…
Crazy! I wonder if I'd feel self-conscious using one in front of people. :) Why does it make me think of the pen version of Braille?

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