A Flavors.me ah-ha moment

I could be wrong (what a way to start!) but I think I "get" Flavors.me and why it's slow (sometimes really slow) for me.

At the suggestion of someone replying to a Wordpress question on some site or another, I did a view-source of my Flavors.me page.

All the feed content was loaded.

I have a lot of feeds.

So, what it seems to be doing is pre-loading the content, then displaying it "hidden" with CSS.

What that means is that when my page loads, the server needs to grab a dozen RSS feeds, arrange them a smidge, then push all that content down to the browser.

Someone who just wants to see my latest Tweet doesn't need several thousand words of blog writing dropped into their cache.

So, I'm going to see if some type of "equivalent" could be built out of flatter pages, rather than handling everything within just one page. Maybe in Wordpress, maybe not.

(I know that the "cool" way to do things is to push all the content down at once and dynamically hide/display it... but I'm just not convinced that's efficient enough to avoid being considered "blatantly sloppy"...)


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