Dynamic geo-targeted video? Or is Saint Paul really that popular?

UPDATE: Thanks to Matt and Tod on the west coast, it seems that the video does still say that Joanna Everett is in St. Paul... so that must be hard-coded into the video and I happen to live in the lucky city that was chosen.  If the rest of you want to keep watching and double-check their work, feel free... but I think it was "coincidence" rather than "extremely advanced dynamic video programming"...

I need a favor from any non-Minnesota geek friend: When I view it, the get-rich-quick video at http://hypertracker.com/go/russbrun/exhacker/ (which I swear I'm not trying to SPAM to you guys -- please do NOT waste your $47 buying "Commission Crusher"!!!) at exactly 18 minutes in makes a reference to "Joanna Everett" of "St. Paul, MN" ...in both the video AND audio track.

I'm wondering if that's a dynamic geo-targeted reference based on my IP address and that the location of "Joanna" changes when viewed from elsewhere, or if it says the same thing for everyone in the world (which would be odd to mention St. Paul, of all places, especially since a 123people.com search indicates she doesn't exist here.)

So the question is, if you're not in Minnesota, is the "testimonial" reference at the 18-minute mark different for you?

If you're geek enough to care about this, you're geek enough to have something like DownloadHelper that will let you grab the video and fast-forward to that mark, because I don't want to make you sit through 18 minutes of a Flash video that has no way fast-forward or rewind.

(If it _is_ dynamically generated, I've _got_ to find out what tool he's using to do that!  That kind of thing has been around on text-based websites -- all those "singles looking for fun in [your city name here]" ads that you see aren't really people in your city -- but I've never seen it done in video before...)

Thanks in advance!  :)


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