Initial steps toward the Kingdom of God... as a topic...

This morning's conversation revolved around the concept of the "Kingdom of God" and whether the common American Evangelical perspective of "personal salvation" is a complete picture of what Jesus proclaimed.  (Hint: I'm not sure it is.)  A couple book references:

Scot McKnight and the "King Jesus Gospel" 1: Points of Agreement
Scot McKnight and the "King Jesus Gospel" 2: Points of Concern

Rounding out McKnight's perspective, we touched on N.T. Wright's book on the topic, though he tends to be a polarizing figure.

We had lots of good conversation about the role of the Orthodox church (in all its various flavors) and how Christianity is expressed in human community rather than merely individually, We're looking to explore the work of Rev. Terry Cornett on that perspective of the Kingdom of God.


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