Pearls before swine?

How does "evangelism" square with the passage that tells us to not "cast our pearls before swine"? In a Calvinistic worldview (something held by the following folks referenced below in an unpleasant Facebook outburst I witnessed), it makes total sense to reject the non-Christians around them; after all, Fred Phelps sees himself as a modern-day prophet proclaiming God's condemnation rather than preaching the Good News of hope and salvation.

That might be fine... but it's not the Gospel. And I regret that people shout with this attitude while claiming it's one that Jesus shared:

> I find it interesting how {non-Christian friend} consistently disagrees with so many of your posts, {Christian friend}. He makes an awful lot of noise about how untrue he now finds Christianity to be. There is something to the statement of "one protesteth too much." Obviously you continually hit a nerve with him (or is it perhaps the Spirit nudging him?) that he feels he must respond in such a way. Remember, pearls before swine. Nothing you can say or "argue" is going to change the mind of an unbeliever.

How is it winsome and Christ-like to call our questioning, seeking, spiritually-engaged friends "swine"?

Or does someone have an argument for me that can ground this kind of public scorn in a New Testament context? Feel free to reply here...


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