"Digital Camera Modification (For IR/UV) FAQ" By Michael Jones There's one more IR-related blog entry, this one discussing Sony's still camera. My biggest complaint with IR is that I'm "stuck" with a 640x480 output. A megapixel still camera would solve that problem (as would one of Sony's megapixel Digital8 cameras... but you pay a lot for just a few more pixels).

Anyway, the problem is that Sony cameras were used to "see through clothing" by mounting an IR filter to them and pointing them at scantily-clad folks in bright sunlight. Frankly, I think you'd have to be in pretty sad mental shape to get excited over a grainy green blob in your viewfinder when you could see more on the cover of Vogue or Rolling Stone... but it bothered Sony enough that they've "crippled" their Nightshot cameras so you can't turn down the exposure setting when in bright sunlight. So, pictures can get washed out. :(


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