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But whatever happened to them?

United Healthcare admitted it was wrong... but did it ever "fix the glitch," or are Heather and Greg Mroz still on the hook for a half million dollars of costs that they don't really owe?

According to a cached copy of a page from Health Care for America NOW,

Heather Mroz, 24, Coconut Creek, Florida, and her husband, Greg, face $480,000 in medical bills after United Healthcare canceled Greg’s $1,260 a month policy he had through his construction job for “failure to negotiate” new premiums prior to the premature birth of their twins, Hannah & Wyatt, in June 2009. Greg‘s company went out of business in March, and the family arranged to pay UHC directly while COBRA was being worked out. UHC gave the hospital approval in writing, saying it would pay for everything connected with the pregnancy even if it was high risk because she was having twins. Heather was hospitaliz…

Apologies to Reno, Nevada!