Okay, I've seen my share of SPAM, but this is amaing. Maybe the grammar is intentional, to get people like me to open it.

The only thing I can think of is that they're using a thesarus to generate new permutations of e-mails in the hopes that more will get through:

Spoiled and dissolvable lozenges for genuine guys

These tablets are simply similar normal tablets but they
are especially explicated to be pliable and soluble
under the clapper. The lozenges is sorbed at the oral fissure
and gets in the bloodstream direct instead of moving
through the tummytum. This effects in a quicker much more
vigorous result which run up to 21 hours!


Anonymous said…
Did you mean "amaing" as part of your commentary?
emlarson said…
Yup -- it was an intentional typo to see if anyone ever reads this thing. :)

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