The prodigal filter has come home! I just found my long-missing infrared pass filter, which I used to use for digital infrared photography. (I'd show off some of the photos, but saw fit to delete my account entirely, so I've lost those photos and have to dig them off an archived CD somewhere. And winter is a horrible time for taking infrared photos... plus my camcorder is being repaired at Best Buy and is two weeks past its estimated return date with no return in sight because they say they sent it to Sony and don't know its status. But I'm not bitter...)

So, how'd I find it? While rummaging around for my Fred Phelps footage that I thought was in the closet (no pun intended!) so I could update my seeker.TV site. Amazing how things fit together, isn't it?


Anonymous said…
Did you find the Bayfield San pictures/negatives? The Grover book?
emlarson said…
Nope, those are still lost. :( I'm pretty sure they're both out in Ellsworth, so my chances of finding them here are pretty slim.

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