The mysteries of AdSense deepen!

I'm back! My wife's b___, which is all about real estate at the moment, was getting some excellent real-estate related advertising on it... until she got a bunch of comment SPAM which said things like, "Great b___!". So, Google decided that her b___ was all about b___s, and has put nothing but b___-related AdSense ads on it.

Now, none of you reading my b___ really care about writing your own b___, let alone planning to pay someone to tell you how to write a b___, so b___-related ads aren't going to ever entice anyone into clicking on them, which means we'll never make any money.

So, we've declared a moritorium on the word "b___" in any of our posts, and will let you fill the L, O and G in for yourself.

Anyway, that got me thinking about my own ads, so I took a look at a fairly popular post from the Katrina days -- educating eric: FX Networks' Oil Storm movie site. And what kinds of ads does it have? "Meet Democratic Singles!".

Okay. Whatever. Better than something about b___s, right?


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