Legal or illegal: How do you tell?

From the Star Tribune story Legal or illegal: How do you tell?:
"When Roxanna Barr applied for a meat-processing job at Swift & Co. in Worthington, Minn., last month, she walked into the interview room with a Social Security card and a green card that authorized her to work.

"Sitting at a table opposite the Swift interviewer, Barr was asked first was asked whether she was 18 years old and then, 'Are you legally authorized to work in the United States?'

"Barr said yes and showed the required two documents to prove it. And that's all Swift, or any employer, can ask for.

"To ask for more identification, say a driver's license, is grounds for charges of discrimination.

"'I don't think your average person understands what employers can and cannot ask,' said James Hamilton, Swift's human resource director in Worthington, 'or that large penalties and fines are administered if you ask for more.'"
The advantage I have in having obtained an HRD degree (which, fun or not, has an HRM component) is that I know that's true!

But the bind that employers are in is usually lost in the debate, isn't it?


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