Remember the rolling ball clock?

Can I just say, once again, that I love the Internet!!!. I had this thought, "Gee, I wonder if they still sell those clocks that ran with little ball bearings to count up the hours and minutes?"

They do. The Internet answers all!

Read the Review: Time Machine rolling ball clock

You can find them at various places for $50 -- more than I want to spend. But fun to know they're still out there.

I remember them being for sale in the window of some store in the Rosedale Mall. And it's funny that the reviewer mentions that they've been on sale "since at least the late 1970s". Yup, that's exactly when Dad and I would go to Rosedale and I'd stare at this thing in the window.

I think the same store had the tilting wave machine with the clear and blue fluids sloshing back and forth.

Whatever the store was, it wasn't Spencer's Gifts, which is the place I always wanted to go into, and which Dad hated. But it had really cool lighting displays in back... including those fiber-optic lamps that look like fireworks burts. And these were the cool ones -- the really big ones, unlike the wimpy little knock-offs of today.

Maybe I should go hunt for one on eBay...


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