What's up with Yahoo Publisher Content Guidelines?

If you check out the page creatively titled General Lead Capture, you'll see the "terms of service" for Yahoo! Publisher advertising -- the competitor to Google AdSense.

Seems normal enough... it starts out with things like:

Yahoo! Publisher Network does not wish to be associated with certain types of content, behavior and/or products, and will not accept sites that contain this type of content. This includes, but is not limited to:
Adult-oriented content
Violence, excessive use of vulgar or obscene language
Excessive, duplicate or competing advertisements

Okay, I can live with that. But the next one threw me:

Content related to human suffering or death

Regular readers will know that I write about abortion here every so often, and write from a pro-life perspective, so I think that topic is very much about "human suffering" and "death". Does that count?

Further down the list, past "Gambling" and "Illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia", you get:

Propaganda, potentially offensive or controversial content

What blog isn't "potentially offensive or controversial"?

But the final blow is just past the mid-point of the list:

Political, religious or charitable organizations, issues or causes

What more can I say?

Why on earth would Yahoo "not wish to be associated with... charitable organizations, issues or causes"?!? Religion and politics, sure, go ahead and run away from those... but Yahoo! is telling me that they want nothing to do with a "puppies are cute; support your local humane society" site!

Does this make any sense?


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