Great minds think alike...

In a very similar vein as my presentation tomorrow is this one from the upcoming n m c : events: 2006 summer conference: preconference workshops: "Can You Wiki a Vlogcast? Web 2.0 and Rich Media"

This session explores the intersection of Web 2.0 social computing with new developments in rich media, examining the resulting pedagogical uses Instructors discuss the different levels of interactivity afforded by syndication, aggregation, and mixing of sound and video files Emphasis is laid on two case studies: how can podcasts become more responsive to users, as their content is enhanced by emergent tools and practices? How can video be collaboratively edited? New forms of storytelling are also considered. By Bryan Alexander, NITLE

Wish I could see that!


Norman Larson said…
Where is your presenttion taking place? I would like to attend!
emlarson said…
You missed out! It was today, at the Classrooms of the Future conference. But if the recording I made turned out okay, you'll be able to hear it in the coming weeks on the Ericast (at!

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