Songs you can't quite believe...

So, I'm a huge fan of, which is keeping me sane as I plug through some rote stuff here at work. And, as I'm listening to my Lasgo station, up comes the mix of a song that was originally by "Circ".

Ever have one of those "I can't believe what I'm hearing?!?" moments?

You can read the lyrics for yourself at CIRC LYRICS - Destroy She Said Lyrics, but here are the highlights from the song "Destroy She Said":

Like towers falling down
Like a bomb blast in your town
Like a hostage tied in chains
I could not forget your name

Like a helicopter crash
Like a ghetto that's been smashed
Like bodies on a battlefield
I can't live with how you feel

Destroy, she said
My love again
The end will come quickly

Don't try again
To make amends
You'll just end up sinking

If you explode in aftermath
Don't think you've been dreaming

Ummm... that seems really inappropriate, doesn't it?


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