Cognitive Labs: Anomalous Image on Google Maps

UPDATE: Alternate photo is now working. Skimming over the Coast to Coast AM web site, I found a reference to Cognitive Labs: Anomalous Image on Google Maps

Basically, there's some strange shiny starbust on a picture. And folks wonder, "What's really there?"

Well, thanks to, you can find out. Here's a [BROKEN]link to an alternate high-resolution photo, which may or may not work (because I took it from their "shopping cart" engine).

UPDATE: That link doesn't work, so I'm just posting the photo here, risking the wrath of the Terraserver folks. No offense, guys -- I love you a lot! Give me a link so people can see (and maybe even buy) this photo, and I'll send them your direction!

Image Size = 500 x 500 pixels
Ground Resolution = 0.5 Meter
(ul = upper left) - ulx = 4.947711693793586; uly = 52.512580909946806
(lr = lower right) - lrx = 4.951287799174984; lry = 52.51042524349497
(cp = centerpoint) - cpx = 4.9496189499969985; cpy = 52.511431221172494

The "flare" in the other photo is present below the middle "" in the third row, right below the "er." part.
Looks like a building to me... though there is, indeed, something on top of the building, so maybe it's a reflection of the sun? Like an Iridium Flare, but in reverse?


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