Mikael Rudolph and "Swim Home" is back!

The FridgeFest site has information on a series of performances by Mikael Rudolph of his "Swim Home" show.

If you listen to my podcast, you might remember this episode where I interviewed Mikael and talked about the "history of mime" (among other things).

I can't believe that after months of not blogging, I'm back with, "Dude! You gotta go see this mime!" But, seriously, this is a remarkable performance and a really interesting study in non-verbal communication, personal interation... all sorts of good "instructional design" or "usability" stuff. (A slight stretch, but not by much.)

So, for my hip friends who can pop up to the Loring Playhouse on an afternoon (you know who you are!), you should check this out. Here's the update from the e-mail Mikael just sent out:
Minneapolis-based Vaudevillian Mime Artist/Physical Comic Mikael Rudolph, who for much of the year tours nationally to fairs, festivals, theatres, colleges and other venues, is making a rare local public appearance - performing his highly acclaimed solo show "Swim Home" in a limited run as part of the 2nd Annual "Fridgefest" at the Loring Playhouse in Minneapolis on six weekend afternoons in April and May at 4 pm.

Featuring Vaudevillian Mime Artist/Physical Comic Mikael Rudolph and Rocky

Dates & Times:
April 14th & 15th, April 21st & 22nd, May 5th & 6th
Saturdays & Sundays - All Shows @ 4 pm

$15 @ door
$12 (advance/paypal/seniors/students/fringe button/groups of 8+)
For Reservations:
612-870-3880 or mailto://MikaelMN@earthlink.net
To purchase now (only $12 paypal/credit):

Quicktime highlight reel from "Swim Home": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOjE6ltf3oY (Please vote and make a comment!)

For Directions and other details: http://www.fridgefest.org/

"If you're looking for family friendly fun...Mikael Rudolph is an ideal choice."
- John Townsend, Minnesota Association of Community Theaters

"Mikael Rudolph is skillful and funny enough to change your opinion about mime."
- Dominic Papatola, St. Paul Pioneer Press

"In this style...he is a master. Absolutely. It could not have been done any better."
- Marcel Marceau


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