Hobbies, Communication and Community?

So I'm thinking about what I might be able to throw in a podcast while Chloe's sleeping (and Ruth and Candela are at McDonald's), and I think I'll title the next one "Hobbies in Community". I fired up Twitter this morning, saw something from Garrick Van Buren, and started reading. The interesting thing is that, intentionally, I'm Tweeting my initial thoughts rather than analyzing the whole situation and composing a blog entry (or something else).

Maybe there's a continuum like... Whitepaper > Blog > IM > Tweets

But I realized that there are some hobbies (podcasting being one) that only make sense if you do them in a community. They have a strong social aspect to them. If others aren't interested, the hobby loses its "purpose".

Some hobbies are enhanced by a community -- you can knit alone, but it's fun to knit with friends (so I hear). But some don't make any sense if you don't have others involved. And some, like selling on eBay, simply can't be accomplished if others aren't participating.

Anyway, back on the Twitter front and the fact that I'm Tweeting my scattered life, be sure to listen to the Steve Borsch Connecting the Dots podcast from last month. (Click here for the March 11 podcast post). He's talking about ADD/ADHD and the fact that it's not a horrible "deficit disorder" -- that it gives you the advantage of seeing connections that others don't. A very, very good listen. I've never been diagnosed ADD/ADHD and, comparing myself to some who have been, I don't think I qualify at that level... but I do have some of the tendencies Steve talks about.

By the way, if you add one more feed to your feed-catching program, make it Steve's podcast. It's not terribly frequent or regular, but it's always interesting.


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