Entertaining 419 email

This one acts as if it were a follow-up to a previously answered scam... I think. It's a bit hard for me to parse it. Maybe if I wanted the millions, I'd pay more attention?

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Typed by thumb and sent from my St. Thomas BlackBerry Wireless Device

----- Original Message -----
From: Luke Ugo
Sent: Wed Nov 25 03:46:01 2009
Subject: My Gratification

Attn:My Good Friend

I am remembering you in keeping to my personal belief that one good turn it is said,deserves another.It is strictly on this premise I made out amount of US$1,500,000.00 in an ATM CARD for you and kept it with my personal assistant back home shortly before I travelled out of the country.

I was able to pull through with another foreigner,the transaction for which you previously extended your cooperation to me even though it did quite work out then due to circumstance beyond us.

Be guided therefore to get in touch with my personal assistant along with your full names and address ASAP via his below given information so that he can release the ATM Card to you as per my standing instruction:-

Name:- Sir. Lumuh Emmanuel
Email:- emmanuel_lumuh@yahoo.com

Do inform me once you received it. All the same, thanks and God bless.

Faithfully yours,
Chief.Luke G.A.Ugo


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