Pairing YouTube with other website content?

Here's something I'm pondering in my spare time -- and I'm hoping that some of my web geek friends can pitch in with some suggestions.

The background: I love the 1980s. And 1990s. And nothing captures the spirit of those times like commercials and TV news clips. Thanks to my pack-rat tendencies and the miracle of home DVD burning, I've been able to go through my ancient VHS tape archive and put clips up for all to see on YouTube.

But I also own the BigHair.TV domain (where nothing sits at the moment) and I'm hoping to build out a site that features (but isn't limited to) that video content. For instance, I'd love to track down some of the old TV personalities for "Where Are They Now?" interviews... but if it's written rather than video, it would need to be posted somewhere other than YouTube.

But, I don't want to be manually "maintaining a blog" -- I don't want to have to post something to the YouTube channel, then go to the blog and write a post about it. Somehow, I want the YouTube content to be pulled into the site automatically (though, admittedly, I don't really know what "the site" would look like at this point).

I can't be the only person thinking about this kind of thing -- a web site whose main (but not only) content lives on YouTube. How would you build something like that?


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