Silent majority of innovators?

Notes to myself from the EduCAUSE Live presentation today:

I wonder if I have a bunch of faculty who are using cool "Web 2.0" tools - Twitter, delicious, Skype, Posterous. I doubt it, but I'll need to ask around to find out.

Accessibility? ADA? (And FERPA? Like Copyright, these are external impositions and faculty rarely have a motive to focus on them -- they're usually "just hindrances"...)

Pragmatic or ethical issue with forcing students to register at 3rd-party sites?

Site obsolescence? What if Click.TV goes under? (Which it did.)

What's IT's responsibility if it breaks?

Engage. Write. Collaborate. Define "newer" faculty. Age? Time teaching? referenced "added threaded discussions and gradebook" -- how?

Modeling use of new technology in "ed tech" courses is very different from "operationalizing" them for other classes across the institution.

Winona State "faculty technology mentor" concept -- give the early adopters a venue in which to engage.


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